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  In Response to a few queries about my TC built to old specs, here are some references
The primary book : 
"High Frequency Apparatus"   by Thomas Curtis original Copyright 1916Reproduced by the Tesla Coil Builders Association 1984
( My coil was based on the "One-Half Kilowatt Transformer Outfit", pg 108, fig 52 except that I did not build the power transformer !
and another interesting book  ( with more experiments  )
"Electricity at High Pressures and Frequencies"  by Henry Transtrom original Copyright 1913Reproduced by the Tesla Coil Builders Association 1985

Both of these books are available through  http://used.addall.com/  Addall is a book search engine. You will actually be ordering from one of the sellers listed there. Often the seller is listed in yet another clearing house such as Alibri or Abebooks. I frequently use Addall and then Alibris or Abebooks. Both are highly reliable.
Addall also has a new book search feature. It helps a person locate the best price without visiting a multitude of sites individually.
Ron Reeland 		 	   		  
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