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Re: [TCML] Variable Ballast

On Fri, 7 Aug 2015 19:50:18 -0400
Miles Mauldin <TeslaMiles@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the info Phil! Good read on design considerations and
> tuning for a specific output power. This is the unit I picked up
> "https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxWKI1NpSt8YfjVHT3V4dWJuRVRBVDNGaURKUGpfYTAzUU1jQWtheW5najVUT1RURUFBYkU";
> not sure how this link will work....
> Although the Richie article was definitely worth the read and saving,
> my question is how do I determine the values of each setting on the
> welder? Is it related to the current level when used as a welder, is
> there a formula?


First the caution:
Do not turn the selector switch while welding as this will
damage the contacts.
You will find this in the owners manual and also on the label on the
front of the machine by the switch somewhere.

You can read that as:
Do not turn the selector switch while welding or running your Tesla
coil as this will damage the contacts.

To find the (nominal) ballasted output current of your pig for the
various settings:

Clip the ground clamp and electrode holder together so as to short the

Put your clamp-on ammeter around one of the input power leads. Just the
welder, no variac, no pig.

Set the welder to the lowest setting and turn on.

Note the amp draw at that power level.

Repeat for each power level.

Now take the amp reading for each power level and divide by the turns
ratio of the pig.

This will tell you what you want to know I do believe.

Setting - 40 A
Input current - 6 A (just a guess)
Pig turns ratio - 60-1
Pig short circuit current - 100mA

Setting - 225A
Input current - 50A (that is from the spec, don't know what it actually
Turns ratio - 60-1
Short circuit current - 3750mA

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