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[TCML] Seaching for Mike Delosier

Hello, I recently joined this mailing because I didn't know it existed. I
don't make tesla coils any more but I produce large Van De Graff generators
and simple kelvin thunderstorm projects to amuse myself and keep my nephews

Anyway I visited my local Axe-MAn today and learned that they have a
customer named  Mike Delosier who lives in minnesota and has some
impressive coils.

I am hoping very much to contact Mike but I have not been able to find his
e-mail address. I don't see any recent posts with his name so maybe he is
not a member anymore?

So, if anyone knows him, I would be delighted to send him an email.
Alternatively he can send ME an e-mail as to be less intrusive:

I did build several decent coils over 20 years ago with home made plate
class capacitors and a horribly inefficient stationary spark gap. I didn't
have any protection circuitry in place but somehow my HV transformers
survived, however my capacitor eventually exploded.

Now I have three perfect 15,000v 250ma NST's just sitting waiting for a
purpose - so I think it's time to start planning a new build. I have never
built a proper solid state coil and am considering this option. But a
traditional rotary spark-cap coil with high-voltage capacitors would be
much less effort. The secondary will be 5 Feet and using enameled magnet

I'm looking for good sources of (cheap) high voltage capacitors and much
info on recent developments in the field. I especially am interested in
inductor usage to prevent spikes back to the NST. Also I need some advice
on secondary wiring cable is there a preferred variety for recent coils?
Ill use copper tubing for primary. I may also build my own rolled
capacitors but I'm thinking obtaining newer HV caps in a bank may actually
be cheaper.

If there other members in the Minnesota/Wisconsin I would also like to
connect. I'm desperate to find a powerful coil to blow my nephews minds =)

Thank you for any help you can provide. I'll be reviewing the lists looking
for new info also but direct contact for any suggestions would be welcomed.


Matt Sweeney
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