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[TCML] Cambridge Teslathon 2015


Just a quick reminder that the Cambridge Teslathon UK is on on the 24th/26th October this year.

Details of the event are here www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/cambridgeteslathon/ <http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/cambridgeteslathon/>

The event is held at the Museum of Technology in Cambridge www.museumoftechnology.com directions to the venue can be found here www.museumoftechnology.com/find.html <http://www.museumoftechnology.com/find.html>

Please contact me if you would like to bring tesla coils, static machines or any High voltage related items to show.

If you would like to come early to setup, please get in touch, Otherwise the Museum is open from 11:00 each day. Please note, we finish at 15:00 on the Sunday.

Lets see if we can make it as good as last year, as we had more coils/equipment/coilers than we have had for a long time.

Last years pictures here: http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/cambridge-teslathon-2014-3/

Any other queries, please contact Derek tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

See you there...


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