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Re: [TCML] Seaching for Mike Delosier

I have been using black neoprene with excellent results but always looking for something better.

On 8/26/2015 12:33 PM, Doug wrote:
Has anyone had experience using silicone belt material for VanDeGraaff?

On 8/25/2015 8:34 PM, Matthew Sweeney wrote:
Thicker latex can be found as 'maximum resistance' exercise bands from
wallmart $8 a pack. I use them exclusively and they work extremely well,
better than any other I have tried.


On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 9:21 AM, John Nelson <ybnormal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for sending those.  You have given me some ideas that I can work
on. Instead of bowls for the sphere I use garden gazing balls. They come in many sizes and look great, but the same old problem of the opening is there. I can see that you have tried to cut down on the corona like I have using rings. I tried rings made out of copper tubing and plate aluminum and still get corona discharge. I have tried to turn the opening upward like the ones you can buy, but have not been successful. The main problem
is that the gazing balls are made out of stainless and the professional
ones are aluminum. Aluminum is much more malleable and is easy to shape. There is a company that will form any size ball up to 36 inches and will
also form the opening that is turned upward.  I contacted them and they
only want $4000 to make one. Might as well be 4 million to me. I would make a nice display though. I keep on entering the lottery, but so far I have only won one dollar. 3999 to go. As far as the belts, I have been
using vinyl strips that is used in upholstery.  Vinyl does not work on
rounded rollers as I will not conform to the round shape.  It is too
stiff. I got some exercise latex straps, cut them to length, fastened the ends together and tried to run them, but I think the material is too thin as it did not work. I could use some heavier latex, but I don't know where
to get it.
As far as Tesla coils are concerned, I have made several, the first one in high school back in the 50's. I got a kit from Tesla works, (Alan) and it
works OK, but I wanted bigger.  I then got a solid state one from Dan
McCauley (Eastern Voltage Research), but it does not work and they can't fix it. $2100.00 down the tubes. It now just collects dust in my garage.
I contacted the man in Oklahoma that built the very large one he runs
outdoors, but he won't release any information on how it is built. You can
see it run if you search "very large Tesla coil".
I have a larger VDG in partial assembly, but am waiting on how to solve
the belt walk issue and the corona issue as well.  A search for thicker
latex is next, I guess. I can machine any parts I need as I have a machine


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From: msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx
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Subject: Re: [TCML] Seaching for Mike Delosier

Here are some videos from my older models. I did build a six foot model
with a 14inch sphere running at 10x power delivery. It was a beast but
caused me much trouble due to extremely high electrical field potentials around the sphere opening. I used steel Ikea bowls and they just wanted
buckle when I radius them. I have made a few corona rings that help, but I'm not so good at joining the two ends and soldering a nice smooth joint

All my devices are completely home built including PVC form (well I
purchased the PVC), belts, rollers, corona tubes, comb assemblies and
various discharge rods. Of course the motor and hemispherical bowls were
items I could not make myself. Note all devices are extremely quiet- I
high quality bearings everywhere and drill press for accuracy.

My 6 foot high-power version was insane throwing off continuous charges
to 40 inches in length which seems way more than possible using a 14inch

I have cannibalized my large generator and am building two 3 foot
positive/negative generators in an attempt to 'double' the voltage
gradient. We shall see!

Next project is a new Thunderstorm built very high quality and full
self-contained re-pumping. After that it's either a giant Van De Graaff
a tesla coil. I can build belts up to 6inches wide and many 10's of feet
long, but I cant yet built large spheres over 14inches =(








https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em67iXD5-ms  (voltage specified is

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I37C5qWRi3A (voltage specified is likely

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQTRKiYsCEc (just for fun).

Any questions please let me know, I'm certainly no expert but have
a few tricks to provide excellent charge rates, smooth operation, and
reduction in expensive (my 6ft long 2ft wide belts are only $3 each and
work better than any other I have tried).


Matt Sweeney

On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 9:54 PM, wt5y <wt5y@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Cornel dubilier 942c20p15k-f   .15uf 2000v  caps can be had $4.99 ea

Sorry don't know mike.  Someone else may.
If you don't mind can I see some of the van DE Graaf you've made ie
website,youtube? And what are Kelvin thunderstorm project, will Google
but never heard of it.

John cooper WT5YWt5y@xxxxxxxxx
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From: Matthew Sweeney <msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08/22/2015  16:10  (GMT-06:00)
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [TCML] Seaching for Mike Delosier

Hello, I recently joined this mailing because I didn't know it existed.
don't make tesla coils any more but I produce large Van De Graff
and simple kelvin thunderstorm projects to amuse myself and keep my

Anyway I visited my local Axe-MAn today and learned that they have a
customer named  Mike Delosier who lives in minnesota and has some
impressive coils.

I am hoping very much to contact Mike but I have not been able to find
e-mail address. I don't see any recent posts with his name so maybe he
not a member anymore?

So, if anyone knows him, I would be delighted to send him an email.
Alternatively he can send ME an e-mail as to be less intrusive:

I did build several decent coils over 20 years ago with home made plate
class capacitors and a horribly inefficient stationary spark gap. I
have any protection circuitry in place but somehow my HV transformers
survived, however my capacitor eventually exploded.

Now I have three perfect 15,000v 250ma NST's just sitting waiting for a
purpose - so I think it's time to start planning a new build. I have
built a proper solid state coil and am considering this option. But a
traditional rotary spark-cap coil with high-voltage capacitors would be much less effort. The secondary will be 5 Feet and using enameled magnet

I'm looking for good sources of (cheap) high voltage capacitors and much info on recent developments in the field. I especially am interested in
inductor usage to prevent spikes back to the NST. Also I need some
on secondary wiring cable is there a preferred variety for recent coils?
Ill use copper tubing for primary. I may also build my own rolled
capacitors but I'm thinking obtaining newer HV caps in a bank may
be cheaper.

If there other members in the Minnesota/Wisconsin I would also like to connect. I'm desperate to find a powerful coil to blow my nephews minds

Thank you for any help you can provide. I'll be reviewing the lists
for new info also but direct contact for any suggestions would be


Matt Sweeney
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