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Re: [TCML] Trinkaus Coil

On 8/30/15 9:32 PM, Peter Noga wrote:
Thanx guys. I have the Trinkaus book and thought it would be cool to start off with beer bottle caps (Tesla used champagne and water bottles) and other hardware, etc. stuff. Just wanted to see if any one has built one of these.
Yeah, old style heavy 10.5KV Franceformer, 30mA, not electronic. Glad to know it will work.
Maybe someone else will chime in who knows about this coil

Beer bottle capacitor is certainly inexpensive.

There's some good descriptions on the web: you'll need a 5 gallon plastic bucket, a half dozen beer bottles, salt, water, some copper wire, etc.

You might want to invest the bucks in building a MMC (Multi-mini-capacitor): a series string of suitable smaller capacitors. The preferred part is the Cornell Dubilier 942 series, which can handle the RF current.

THey come in various voltages and capacitances so you can build one to your specs.

If you were building a 20kV-22kV capacitor (typical for a 15kV neon transformer), you'd string 10 or 11 capacitors, each rated at 2000V in series. For your 10.5kV transformer, you could probably get away with a 15kV capacitor and use 10 1600V caps or 8 2000V caps. I'd probably just build for 20-22kV, in case I upgraded my transformer.

You can look to see what the tradeoffs are in cost and availability of the capacitors: Digikey and Mouser both have them, as well as all the usual other vendors. Stock availabilities change from week to week.

Use one of the telsa coil calculators online or as a spreadsheet to figure out number of turns on the primary, capacitor size, etc.

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