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Re: [TCML] auto coil HV supply


A good quality industrial line filter, like a Corcom, of appropriate rating is a good place to start. Connect it between the wall plug and the power input to the HVPS.

You could also connect good sized MOVs of the appropriate voltage rating across the line on the side between the Corcom filter and the HVPS, as well as between hot and ground, and neutral and ground. MOVs often fail as short circuits, so it doesn't hurt to put a 5 amp 1/4" glass cartridge fuse in series with each MOV.

A shielded computer grade line cord between your wall plug and filter box will help reduce pickup of radiated EMI in the line cord.

There will still be some unavoidable EMI pickup by the unshielded power lines in the walls unless they happen to be inside metallic conduit.


On 12/31/2015 3:07 PM, doug wrote:
Hello; Can any one advise me on some kind of filter or device I can build or buy that will stop any HV spikes from an automobile ignition coil high voltage supply from backing into the mains?
Doug J

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