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[TCML] Peter Terren's Open Day 2015 in 2 weeks in Bunbury, Australia

Anyone nearby?
I will be having an Open day where I run many of my projects including all
the Tesla coils and stunts. It is by invite and has limited numbers for Feb 21.
There will be twin plasmasonic musical coils played by
Michael Terren.
Sparks onto me in the swimming pool.
Smoke ring generator.  Can crushing and exploding watermelons.
Liquid nitrogen stuff. Run by Uni of WA
Lots of sparks, Lasers, Radioactivity, UV, superconductors and other strange
stuff. Catch a ball under a strobe light, have a free electric shock and
experience amazing magnets. See the world’s most powerful bike light. There
will be over 30 displays of various projects. A lot of these are
These are a selection of projects featured on my website
http://tesladownunder.com until 2012 and Google plus after 2012:
Here is a sampler of previous Open days:
If you are local in Bunbury or Perth Western Australia then email me for
Peter Terren

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