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Re: [TCML] Dual identical FRANCE neon sign transformers (15000v 60mA each) in parallel

On 2/22/15 8:39 PM, Yurtle Turtle via Tesla wrote:
I would have tried to butt-splice the two pieces, assuming it's thicker walled sewer pipe (green). They'd have to be cut fairly accurately. Gary's way sounds good too. Probably use a heat gun to get the extension to fit well, then roughen up and  hope Bondo sticks.If not, fiberglass resin will probably work, to make a smooth connection. I chose to make my 10" secondary stationary, and moved my primary up and down to get good coupling, then cut PVC supports to make them permanent.
My secondary goes all the way to the bottom of my primary so it's stable while moving. 7' tall, which just clears my garage door with toploads on.

Someone else wrote..

I think that the idea of splicing the 6" pipe is very plausible, though I
don't think I've ever heard of it being done.  You'll want to take a 1-2"
  length of the pipe, and cut out a gap in the circumference so that you can
squeeze the smaller circumference into the interior of the two lengths that
you're splicing, and glue it with PVC cement.

I would call around to plumbing supply places (here in Southern Cal, it's places like Smiths Pipe) and ask about getting a 4-5 foot long piece of SDR35 (thinner wall.. it's sewer pipe as opposed to SCH 40 which holds pressure)

Tell them you're willing to call back if they don't have a scrap, etc.

I have done a fair amount of trying to glue and splice, and if nothing else were available, I might try again, but it's really hard. For one thing, it's really hard to get a very square cut on the end of the pipe, unless you have a suitable fixture or tools. So then when you butt the two pieces together, it has gaps, etc.

This is true whether you use a straight butt join (you could use a hot air plastic welder) or the "smaller tube inside" approach (use a piece of the same pipe with a lengthwise slot cut down, squeeze it to slightly smaller diameter and shove it in and let it spring out.

BUT.. I'd spend some serious time calling around looking for a scrap. You could also look for larger landscaping companies: they use the stuff for drain lines and the like, and might have a scrap they'd sell/give you.

Cardboard tubes used for concrete forms are also another source: keep 'em dry and varnish/polyurethane it to keep it dry.

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