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[TCML] 6" Coil Sparks too short

I recently finished building my second Tesla coil.
Here are the specs:

   - 2 parallel 12KV 60mA neon sign transformers 12KV 120MA
   - 2000V .15uf capacitors. 6 strings of 13 (78 total). 69nf.
   - Rotary spark gap 1780rpm with 3 tungsten electrodes.
   - Resonant frequency: around 110KHz
   - 1/4" primary coil (tubing) 10 turns, 7.5 turns for optimal spark.
   - 24 AWG secondary. 6" form (6.625"). 1240 turns. 30" wind height.
   - 24"x6" Spun Al toroid

After firing up the coil, I was disappointed to see only 1-2' sparks. My
previous 4" coil that uses only one transformer could output about 3'
sparks. The primary is properly tuned and the spark gap fires about 80
times per second as it should. I double-checked the wiring and it looks
great. I must be missing something, but I cannot figure it out. I 3D
printed the primary standoffs to perfectly hold the primary coil. The
secondary coil is perfectly wound and glazed. The transformers are fully
functional. The whole coil should operate at around 1800 watts (including
the motor). Here are some links to pictures of the coil: Tesla coil
<http://s11.postimg.org/50b6jpg6r/Large_Tesla_coil.jpg>, Spark Gap
<http://s1.postimg.org/xfowkeppr/Spark_gap.jpg>. Here is a video of the
first run: Test <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5gSaWPfZH4>.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kuba Anglin
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