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Re: [TCML] Variable Ballast

Hi Bob, 

If you don't mind my asking, what kind of stacked variac assembly are you using? I have a 4-stack 1256D Powerstat that I  use in my monster master control panel and I don't think that I could make that beast get warm from my standard single phase residential service if I wanted to, even pulling 100 amps from the special #4 guage, 100 amp breakered direct line to the mains breaker box that I wired for it ;-) Of course, four 1256Ds would have a combined 112 amp rating (4x28) at the 240 volt input, with 100% duty cycle!

David Rieben

Robert Arenella <rja12@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Check out the old Miller Thunderbolt AC welders.  Some, like mine, have 
>a crank handle on the top that raises / lowers a shunt into / out of the 
>transformer core.  Works great with either my 14.4 KV pole pig or my 125 
>KV @ 300 mA X-Ray transformer.  Welder secondary shorted, primary in 
>series with the HV xfmr primary.  The X-ray transformer is fed 280 volts 
>from a 1256D variac.  I can run it for about 1 minute @ 56 amps before 
>the core on the variac gets uncomfortably warm.  Makes for a kick butt 
>Jacobs ladder!
>On 7/1/2015 2:14 PM, Miles Mauldin wrote:
>> Do I need to find an old welder, or will an inexpensive new one work just as well. Read many posts about shorting the secondary and using the primary in line with a pole pig. Thoughts, ideas or suggestions all wanted for a variable ballast.
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>> Miles
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