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Hi Vladi,Its around .004" on the fixed gap but I was adjusting it live during some videos using a tungsten gap 5/16 diameter only, .002 to .004" or maybe .005 at most...   Its very easy to handle the gap (surprisingly) especially with a small dividing head or gears to limit the movement.    Next step I want to try the same useless concept but a 10KVA table top model, 240 - 480V transformer with perhaps 50 or 100 MFD.  Waste of energy but fun to see the sparks, up close at 1 KW they crackle like a leyden jar discharge and with 10MFD only they form flaming hot arcs.  At 20 or 30 you have these crackling thick branches.  And of course you can light tubes and do all the usual experiments but take care not to get biten as the sparks are not at all friendly!  (And can puncture a good glass tube easily if there is a spark-over!)Jeff

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