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[TCML] The Weather Channel's new TV series "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar"

Hello Chip and TCML,

I’m writing to invite you to watch a new TV show Phillip Slawinski and I helped with which may be of interest to you. The show is called "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar.” Phillip and I appear in the show and we built a lot of the experiments and props. The Electric Weather episode features our Tesla coils and a Faraday suit performance. I’m not as good as Terry Blake yet, but I’ll get there.

The show premier is a 3-episode sneak peak and Electric Weather is the finale. Airings include June 4th starting at 8PM CST and June 6th starting at 3PM CST.

You can read more about some of the builds here:


The show’s official pages are:


8 episodes were created for season 1 and the remaining 5 episodes will air this fall.

I hope you’ll watch and share with your friends.

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