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Re: [TCML] Mid sized Tesla Coil - Done

Tim,  The middle can be open.  I used to use an X type central support
as you mentioned when I used ducting toroid.  There is no rule for
thickness of center plates, etc.  It doesn't matter.  Just be sure
to connect the top of the secondary wire to the toroid or even
through the X type support to the toroid if the X support is metal.  

The toroid donut can be hollow (air filled inside), it makes no
difference.  Usually they are hollow (much more lightweight).  





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Thanks all for your excellent input on top loads - Toroids.

Does the middle
section have to be "filled in" with a metal object like a
pie pan? I thought I
saw  a picture online that had an X or + shape middle
section to reach out to
the donut shape and hold it to the top of the
secondary. If it has to be filled
in with a metal surface like a pie pan,
is there any rule on how thick it should
be in the middle - or just enough
to hold the donut shape in place?

Also I saw
online one design using filler material inside and outside of
the donut shape.
Should the donut not be hollow inside with air?

Thanks - Tim

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