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Re: [TCML] Wanted tabletop metal lathe

On 11/23/15 3:08 PM, Matthew Sweeney wrote:
Yes that is my concern, most of those import lathes are all the same just
rebranded with different accessories. I see the HiTorque is the better one
but even then I've seen a lot of complaints.

This grizzly gets much better reviews but still, an import and cheap for
what it is.


I found an American manufacturer Sherline they make some really nice
looking mini lathes that have all sorts of options for CNC conversion -
could be a fun intro to high-precision machining:


Prices are still a bit high though, although it's made in the USA which for
tools means a great deal to me (it's funny I tend to go with imports for
almost anything else but USA tools are very high quality).

There's a huge community of Sherline modifiers out there. There's countless widgets and adapters for everything from the knobs to full on computer control and modifications to make a 5 axis CNC out of them.

I'll continue to look around I found a lot of craigs list but its mostly
older super-huge stuff and I really just want a decent dench top lathe that
has very high accuracy.

One of the real issues with traditional "machine tools" is that most of them need 3 phase power for the motor, esp if it's more than 1 HP. If you're running it in your residential garage, you'll need a rotary converter or a VFD to make it run.

I'd love to have a CNC 48" Bridgeport, but a) I don't have the room and b) I don't have the juice to drive a 5HP 3phase motor.

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