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The minor diameter will affect the breakout voltage, so if the minor
diameter is too large then the coil won't break out without a break-out
point. Too small a diameter will cause it to break out at a lower voltage
depriving the coil of some of the voltage build up on the toroid, usually
resulting in multiple smaller streamers, although some people desire this
Max diameter affects the field control under the toroid, so too small and
you will / may get primary, or if really too small, secondary strikes.
Obviously aesthetics comes into it as well to some extent, meaning actual
sizes will depend on what the coil output power is, and also its dimensions.
There's a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6PTwVnb1uo showing the
effect of a larger and smaller toroid on the same coil setup as a test. The
toroid in that is big enough to allow breakout only once the variac is
cranked up, resulting in a single streamer.


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Hello; Can some of you,more learned than I, Coilers give me some insight on
proper TOP LOADS?  such as, results of too much top load, proper placement
of multiple top loads, and any other pertinent information and advice when
designing a top load for any given coil.
Thank you, Doug J 
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