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Hi Steve,

The top turn of Tesla's Colorado Springs Coil was set up higher and basically acted as a corona ring. By being set up higher in space it created a large high voltage field area that reduced the voltage stresses on the top of the primary* and prevented arching.

Here is a picture of Tesla's primary with the top twisted turn:


Here is a picture with the coil operating and the top turn glowing with corona. The large glass insulators protected the wooden supports:


Here is Bill Wysock's Model 13M primary where he is using a large diameter flexible conduit for a more conventional corona ring:


* Tesla refers to this part of the coil as the secondary in his notes.

Tesla originally had a conical primary coil (CS notes pg. 221) that probably had all kinds of nasty arcing problems so he rebuilt it with the much better cylindrical primary (CS notes pg. 203) that he used in most of the later real experiments. The top turn was deliberate designed into that for corona protection. Tesla used the twisted wire instead of say a thick metal tube like Wysock did since Tesla did not have McMaster-Carr. :D


On 11/29/2015 11:16 AM, steve date wrote:

Found this in a file I saved from Chip's List (12/29/1999 8:10 PM)
Does anyone have a clue to what Bill was talking about?
Tesla's (final configuration) was with a secondary
(master oscillator driver coil,) that was cylindrical and 51
feet in diameter (approximately.)  Also, the top turn as
seen on top of this "fence" was not, as most folks think, (including
myself,) a grounded open loop turn.  It was used for purposes
yet to be disclosed!  I am referring to the twisted pair turn on the
clear glass insulators, mounted on top of every upright vertical
post, that forms the coil form for the secondary.

Bill Wysock.

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