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[TCML] Static spark gap PSpice simulation


I'm a new french member of this list and I built a static spark gap tesla
coil ( my website is http://fabuleusephysique.fr). I'm very happy to join
this group and I have already spent lots of time on the sites of Bart
Anderson, Richard Burnett, Gary Lau, Kevin Wilson, Phil Tuck, Terry
Fritz... thank you all for the great information provided.

I just ran a PSpice simulation based on models by Terry Fritz and Gary Lau.
The model is on this page
and is attached to this mail.

Can anyone explain me what is the use of R17 and C8 ? I tried to run the
simulation without them so PSpice sent warnings about the pulse sent to the
74123 being too short. So I guess R17 and C8 are there to lengthen the
pulse produced by the "LIMIT" component, but I'm not sure.

Another question: what is the use of R15 and R16 ?  (sorry but  I know
nothing about the know-how of electronics...)

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