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[TCML] 2 nst's at 240 volts

Hi, my TC uses 2 nst's, each rated at 15kv and 60ma. The outputs are
paralleled to produce 120ma. We travel around with it and demo it at
different locations. The problem is that it pulls about 33 amps at 120v
from the ac line. This is too much and I have to add more pfc caps.

I'm thinking what if I used 2 power lines that plug into different
outlets that gets me 240 volts - then each line would only pull 14 amps
each (with increased pfc) and we could take it just about anywhere. I
think I would add a 240 volt relay which would only pull in if both
phases were present. That way I disallow the state of only 1 transformer
on at a time. The outputs would be in parallel just as before and all
our problems are solved - yay!

But things are never so easy so I'm asking for advice here first. Any
thoughts or experience with this? Thanks in advance!
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