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Re: [TCML] PSPICE model for SGTC?

On 12/3/16 9:28 AM, Brian Hall wrote:
I am just starting to learn PSPICE.  In OrCad Capture CIS Lite (free version) v 16.6  can a spark cap Tesla coil be modeled? I have done a single AC source RLC circuit and played around with Q factors (adding or reducing resistance), running it over a range of frequencies to get a voltage graph of the results.  I am curious how to model the 120v step up NST part, the air core transformer part factored around resonance (not on mutual flux or turns ratio) and the air gap or "switch when the capacitors are fully charged" part.  Have any of you done such things with PSPICE before, or have project files that you are willing to share?

http://www.pupman.com/listarchives/2002/December/msg00411.html points to some (now defunct) websites that might have it.

I think the hot-streamer stuff is somewhere else now.

Marco Denicolai's thesis
page 72 has a MicroSim model of the spark gap
page 74 has the model of the entire coil

Richard Craven's thesis
https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/dspace-jspui/handle/2134/14375 or

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