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Re: [TCML] the hell is this place? 8 )

Ah nice signature,
So I am actually part of the stuff that the universe was created of,
Since it does consists out of morons to :-)

When I was a kid at a regular interval
The power in the house went down,
When I was cursing very loude my family knew I was still alive...

So cursing when at power outages is still a habit...

I did once connect a vacuum tube coupling transformer up to the power-grid
in an attempt to make high voltage
And did connect a tv fly back transformer directly to the grid,
I remember the small black mushroom shaped cloud that it produced as if it
was yesterday...

I was only 11 or 12 when I did so...

Needles to say we burned much fuses..

I am a more advanced thinkerer nowadays...

But do still consider myself an occasional and occupational moron...

Kind regards,


Op ma 5 dec. 2016 om 13:04 schreef father dest <dim0n43g@xxxxxxxxx>

> thanx, but i think i live a lil too far from that place, lol.
> > I think it is in my country the Netherlands an university research lab
> > >From the technical university of delft.
> > If you like I can call the university and ask if they do surplus sale or
> if
> > they  Allow anyone to visit...  Maybe they could do demonstrations
> > That one can watch from an insulated  Shielded room...
> >
> > Would you like me to ask them ?
> > I speak Dutch the language of the Netherlands so that makes any inquiries
> > quite easy....
> >
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>  The universe is made up of protons, neutrons, electrons and morons : D
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