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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil setup using MOT

Hi Martin

I built a really high power tesla from MOT s (14 in the whole machine)

* That was 6 MOT's in primary centre ground 3 per side (shunts removed) input load shared by separate power to each half of the 6 MOT's * Considerable PFC was used and NO other ballasting was needed (drew 50a or so from my 230v supply at full bore) * Outer MOT's in xfrmr oil (no mains eths used, some like to apply that I recommend swamping capacitance between core and secondary and core and primary to equalise stress if floating core * FW bridge of 3A 1kV diodes (just lots and lots used overkill and no equalising components) * DC Pi filter of 2uF caps and 10mH MOT arrage (gapped MOT's of 0.3mm array of 4 , 2 in series then parallel two of those) * Ring up inductor another array of 4 gapped MOT's (parallel two sets of 2 in series)
*  DQ of about 50 1n4007
* Bleeders on ALL Caps (several independent chains in case one chain went open) * 90nF Cp (Used CDC 942C series 942C16P33K, for big coils these are better value than the so called Geek group ones
*  300bps rotary SG (was sync but need not have been)
* Big secondary and large topload (8" and also a 12" at times and 300mm x1.1m top)

That beast did well over 10kVA and over 3.5m arcs, it is perhaps a little ambitious but makes good use of very cheap components,unsafe in the hands of untrained users, I recently gave it to an enthusiast with better location to use it. Needs a dedicated supply (spa pol in my case, all stoves and water heaters switched off when it was running to keep pole fuse intact.)

Good luck tedl in NZ

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My students and i have just finished building av flyback/zvs coil and want to step up to a New coil using MOTs. We have seen different setups but we are looking for tips on how to build the most effective coil. In Norway we have limited access to NST, but MOTs are no problem. We have now about 11 mots and a bunch of MO caps and diodes. We are planning on making av rsg using av 2800 rpm motor and an inverter to raise to 150-200 Hz to get whatever rpm we need. Anyone who can give us tips on what to do, and not do, are greatly appreciated.

Best regards
Martin Slinning.
(Teacher Electric automation at Norwegian highschool.)

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