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Re: [TCML] Flyback cooling

I have a lot of flybacks that really work well and don't get hot. I myself have problems with  555 chips that burn down and transistors, though some of them work really well. If you are interested I'm willing to sell some flybacks, though I have to ship them from Holland because that's where I live.

Greetings from Marcel.

Van: Tesla <tesla-bounces@xxxxxxxxxx> namens Scott Bogard <sdbogard@xxxxxxxxx>
Verzonden: woensdag 28 december 2016 05:45
Aan: Tesla Coil Mailing List
Onderwerp: [TCML] Flyback cooling

Hey all,
     So I find myself in an interesting dilemma. I purchased some low cost
flyback transformers online, and I coupled them with some low cost ZVS
drivers (for induction heating, so two inductors and a single primary
instead of one inductor and a split primary) and low cost meanwell power
supplies, for driving my plasma tubes. The results are actually quite nice
for my purposes, a really low cost complete system that takes me mere
minutes to assemble, and costs me a tenth of what I'd have spent for a
ready built unit of comparable power.

Here's my issue, my flyback gets really hot. It doesn't seem to catch fire
or anything, and I have some air blowing over it (mostly to cool the ZVS
inductors which get absurdly hot otherwise), but I'm noticing my output
drops after a few hours of continuous operation. So I'm looking for
suggestions to cool it. I tried heatsinking, but eddy currents (or corona
to the aluminum heatsink maybe?) made it get hot much faster. Anyone know
of a clean way to pot it in oil maybe using PVC? I'm looking for simple
solutions, that require very little work and expense, and will be mess
proof when finished. I could always get a bigger flyback, but again, trying
to save on cost, and these ones are so nice and compact.

Thanks in advance guys!
Scott D. Bogard.
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