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[TCML] VDG belt materials

For those interested in VDG generators;
I have been testing different belt materials with my VDG test fixture with some interesting results. The rollers are both PVC, one plain and one with metal coating and are setup for a 4 inch X 40 inch stretched belt. With the belt running at 412 RPM or about 1400 FPS the neoprene belt shows 9 MV, the gum rubber belt 3 MV and the blue exercise belt just over 1 MV. The neoprene and rubber belts are both 1/16 th inch.
Draw your own conclusion but I vote 100% for the black neoprene!
PS; I am not the best at understanding the scales on my multimeter so MV may not be the proper scale, but I think you can understand the difference in readings.
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