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Richard Hull built a TC based on a hydrogen thyratron a number of years ago. It sorta worked, but was not spectacular.

Thyratrons are not well suited to TC use, because they do not tolerate reverse direction currents well at all, and degrade quickly. The oscillating currents in the TC tank circuit travel in both directions during the ringdown, and the reverse phase damages the tubes.

ISTR that someone tried to use two thyratrons in antiparallel, but gating them was non-trivial. Basically, a lot of work to make an inappropriate device perform poorly.


On 2/14/2016 12:31 AM, homerlea--- via Tesla wrote:
Does anyone know if I can power a Tesla coil using thyratrons to pulse power from a 20 kvdc power supply/ I just scored some 25 kv thyratrons.
Jim Heagy

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