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[TCML] Project Hathor 2000 Volt Test Fire

So brief little update on Hathor, the ring launcher I built.  We did a full
power test fire last night.  And apart from breaking most of the wire ties
holding the coil in place, everything worked nicely.


Main project page is here:


Now of course, that I have this fine scientific insturment, I'm curous of a
good method of meauring how many amps this thing produces when it fires, what
the disharge curve looks like, etc..

So 2000 volts, at 1560 uF, or 3120 Joules.

I'm guessing I can take the energy in Joules, some how measure how long it
takes to fire, which will give me how many watts.  Then it's a simple matter
of Ohms law to figure out my amperage, or at least amperage averaged over the
time it took to fire.

Any ideas, or other data points that would be useful to have here?

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