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[TCML] Explanation of observed VDG behavior

Hi all, im seeing some behavior i cannot explain with my current non-pumped VDG and hoping we could start a discussion.

The machine is using a 14" steel collector and 10 ft latex belt. It is running beautifully without a traditional corona ring or opening radius due to a non-conductive corona-ring like solution i found by accident (imagine a 1 inch thick smooth rubber ring just below the collector opening).

Here is what i am seeing:

The collector charges quickly and without any leakage and spontaneously throws off hot loud discharges into empty air. The discharge starts off as a normal straight single spark for about 2-4 inches then suddenly branches off into 4 fainter thick ones reaching 10-20 inches out finally terminating in a blue 'mist'.

These discharges seem to occur spontaneously at 90 degree apart almost always horizontally outward (sometimes straight up).

I've found it almost impossible to capture this on video but might have a picture i can enhance to show it.

Any arcs drawn to ground around 10inches are incredibly loud, thick and extremely bright. In some cases they will also split into 4 thicker fainter discharges.

The ozone generation is copious and im a little concerned of x-rays!

So what is the deal with these 90 degree/sets of 4 it seems awfully regular!

Thanks for any education on this behavior.


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