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Re: [TCML] LTR Primary Cap on tesla coil

I am also in Minnesota, Saint Paul here.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 9:45 PM, Heather & Paul Novotny via Tesla <
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> I think it's all 60 hz.  I'm in USA (Minnesota) so should be good there.
> Thanks!
> I'm going to use 1 string of a series of 15 caps (942C20P15K) which should
> get me to .010uF and 30kV.
> I think I will start with 12 in series which will pretty closely match
> what I have with my bucket cap and see what the difference is in the
> streamers.
> Let me know if I am off in any of my thinking here.
> Otherwise - thanks so much for your help guys!
> Paul
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> On Wed, 1/6/16, Jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx <Jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>  Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 10:17 AM
>  The transformer will probably be labled 50\60hz.  Its fine
>  to run a 50hz transformer at 60hz but going the other way,
>  might pose problems.  You need to look at your location to
>  figure out what your wall frequency is. A quick google
>  search of line frequency in country X, will probably prove
>  enlightening.
>  Jim, is their more recent guidance with reguard to the mmc
>  cap chart? I was under the assumption that the chart was
>  decently well vetted by the community and sort of a go to
>  standard. Is that still true?
>  Cheers, Jay
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>  Subject:Re: [TCML] LTR Primary Cap on tesla coil
>      Ok so according to the chart and to your
>  calculations below I'd be looking for .01uF or 10nF.  I
>  have a static spark gap.  15 of the 942C20P15k in series
>  would get me exactly .01uF. I'll have to check to make sure
>  the transformer is 60 hz when I get home. Thanks guys.Sent
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>  Date: 01/06/2016  7:58 AM  (GMT-06:00) To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
>  Subject: Re: [TCML] LTR Primary Cap on tesla coil On 1/5/16
>  9:48 PM, Heather & Paul Novotny via Tesla wrote:> Hi,
>  I have a 12,000 v 30ma NST for my power supply.>>
>  Currently I am using a 5gal bucket cap filled with beer
>  bottles and saltwater.  It measures .01315uF on my
>  multimeter.  I am getting about 12-15" streamers off my
>  toroid with this setup.>> I would like to try some
>  Cornell Dubilier caps and am wondering what the LTR cap size
>  would be for my power supply?60 or 50 Hz?"Resonant" is where
>  the reactance of the capacitor is the same magnitude as the
>  reactance of the transformer.The transformer reactance is
>  simply E/I or 12,000/0.030 = 400k (technically, it's j400k,
>  because it's an inductor)The reactance of a capacitor is
>  1/(j*2*pi*frequency * C), where j is sqrt(-1).  Typically,
>  you'd see the reactance as -1/(j*omega*C) where omega
>  =2*pi*frequency.what you want is to rearrange this a
>  bit..400k = 1/(omega*C) --> C = 1/(omega*400k)for 60 Hz
>  omega = 377, so C = 1/(377*400k)  = 6.6 nFSo this is the
>  resonant size (one you actually want to avoid)...You want
>  Larger Than Resonant (LTR) ... typically 1.5-1.7 x the
>  resonant size, which works out to 10-12 nF.If you're using
>  the usual 2kV, 0.15 uF caps, 12 of them in series gets you
>  there-> 12.5 nF @ 24kV or you could use 1600V caps..
>  that's 19.2 kV, or 13 in series gives you 20.8 kV and 11.5
>  nFwith a 15 kV transformer, the peak voltage is 1.414*15=
>  21.21 kV.>> I saw a formula for it but I don't know
>  what all of the variable names mean in the formula.>>
>  Can someone please help me with this?>> Thanks -
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