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Re: [TCML] HVStuff.com ?

Hi Matt; I put together a MMC with 15 of those caps from amazing1, maybe 8 months ago . I have had no problems so far. They seem quite robust.

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Hi John, I got my caps here:


"Individual 1.5u 2kv MMC Capacitor"

At they time they were significantly cheaper than the CD actual part, and
supposedly test the same (I have not confirmed that yet under high load).
They are bigger and square instead of cylindrical - but the values of all
of mine are within rated specs.

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx <Jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I should clarify, im not actually planning on buying either of those
caps.  But someone else wants to use them and i have no data on them to
recommend a course of action, if its worth him spending more on known
quality parts or taking a risk with these cheaper unknowns.   Personally i
would just get the 942c's or a GE cap and call it a day, but thats me.
Im curious what CD equivilant caps you are using. Care to share? (and then
reshare later if they pass muster, lol)
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Seems a little pricey to me, i mean you would likely need 2 to get 40kv
then 2 more to bring it back to 0.6uf which is going to be too low for a
standard NST so.. even more..Im building my MMC with less than $80 in
alternate caps (CD equivalents). I dont know how they will hold up though
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"Tesla, List" Subject: [TCML] HVStuff.com ?Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2016 6:34
AMHello All, Anyone order products from HVstuff.com I'd imagine its semi
difficult to screw up a resistor. I'm more interested in knowing if anyone
has used any of their caps, MMC or other.
etc Thanks, John "Jay" Howson IV "Why thank you, I'd be happy to take those
electrons off your hands."
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