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Re: [TCML] Spark Gap Electrodes - Flat or Rounded

On 1/19/16 9:28 AM, msweeney23@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
That opens another question.. in this case is it better to have a smaller (more aggressive) radius for the rounding (e.g. an acorn nut vs. a 3/4 inch spherical brass electrode)?

For the simple linear spark gap it seems smaller is better but the RQ types use copper tubes which are much larger diameter.

It seems to me the smaller radius would allow for faster quenching.

I found that the larger radius causes the sparks to move around (even with a very low speed air flow), so you don't get a hot spot. Acorn nuts might as well be a needle gap after the tip of the nut gets hot.

Once you get a hot spot, it's where the sparks will be, because hot things emit electrons.

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