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[TCML] crooks tubes for sale

HI All

I am in the process of selling off most of my high voltage thing that I collected over the last 30 years.

I have added 6 Crookes tube to my Flickr site

1-standing geissler tube $350

2- large flower tube $350

3- rose tube $300

4- small flower tube $300

5- reef tube $300

6 Bug tube $300

my pan cake Tesla coil is for sale to $400 plus shipping

my large and med Tesla coil is for sale to but they are pick up only and on my Flickr site to.

you can read about these tubes on this web site if you want too


my Flickr site.


my email address is below

all tubes sold are plus shipping.

if any questions please ask. If you want to call I can send you my phone number.



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