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[TCML] Maxed out??

12kV. 90 mA. Tuned to 187 kHz with 29 nF primary cap and 200 uF PFC cap.
The toroid is 20.5" sitting on top of 1182 turns of 26 ga on a 4" ABS core.
Per javatc, I should be pulling 48" arcs, but I can only manage around 28 - 30".

I was told I need more capacitance... However they did not explain their view.
I currently have 17   0.5 uF  2100 vac caps in series.
I can only think they mean I need to double the string to 34 caps and then make a twin string and connect in parallel, for a total of 128 caps total.

Any input is appreciated.

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