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Hello all,

After 45 years of experimenting with Tesla coils, HV equipment, and all things electronic, it is time to clean out the shed. We are downsizing and I no longer have room for all of my stuff. Here is a list of the major items that will have to find a new home. I will have more available, but I want to see if there is interest in this list. I live in Northern Illinois. The only stipulation is that I need to have it all leave at the same time. It is up to you to distribute to others it if you like. I have pictures to post as requested. Everything either works or is very serviceable.

The list:
My 4 inch Tesla coil with 15KV 60ma NST static gap - works well!
Keithly 416B HV DC supply
HP 120B scope
Topaz 91002-11 Isolator 2.5KVA
Radyne 1KW Rf induction heater - uses 833A (with spare 833A) - Perfect for VTTC project
2 - 240V 10A Powerstats
5 - 10KV 25ma ignition transformers
Pearson 1423 Current transformer
Western 461 current transformer
2 - 115VAC isolation transformers 15KV isolation
Triad N-11M stepdown transformer 2KVA
Plastic Capacitor oil filled transformer 2KV 100ma
Plastic Capacitor oil filled transformer 6KV 100ma
Big HV divider with toriods
Sylvania Linear variable reactor
Several neon sign transformers 12-15KV 30-60ma
Several small HV transformers
Box of mixed sizes of spun aluminum balls/electrodes
Large toriod about 26 inch dia
Several HV insulators and spark gaps
Some HV and doorknob capacitors



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