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[TCML] new secondary issues

I’m working on a new setup to resonate a 100kHz
 The toroid is at 45 pF
The secondary is is is at 54398.9 uH
The secondary measures out to 101 ohms
The secondary is 35” tall on a 4” abs core using 26GA wire.

The capacitance measurements were made with a newcason  XC6013L

The power supply is (3) 12,000 v 30 mA NST’s
The primary cap measures 15 nF
Then primary coil calculates out to 222.93 uH  (I know this is too high by approx 60 uH)

The problem is the secondary is arcing out about 1/2 way up the secondary.
Any ideas after trimming the primary coil to the right length?

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