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Hi Everyone
I have updated my Flickr site to show my Tesla coil making form now to beginning. I have not been on here in while, had a wreck in 2010 7 operations later just starting to get around again. Gone blind from a drug they gave me for nerve pain, had to operate on both eyes to see again, but can not see up close any more. My next coil will be a DRSSTC bipolar, going for 30 in arc's, the last thing I will make is a 900KV Van De Graaf Generator that will be 6FT. tall with a 24 ball on top. I love doing this but eyes and health want let me do it any more. The bipolar is already started when finish I will do video on it and post it.
If anyone want to look at the flick site here is the link.
Still looking for design idea's on the bipolar.
Thanks for all the help from people on here.
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