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Re: [TCML] Auto coil for TC

On 3/3/16 6:35 AM, doug wrote:
Good morning ALL; I came across this article recently, and on page 30 it seems to allude to using auto ignition coils to power a TC. I would really like to try this but am afraid of frying a good working MMC tank on one of my current coils. Do you think this is worth pursuing?  If so I wouldn’t mind the expense of building a MMC just for this project but have no idea what the tank value should be. If I proceed with this I will probably start out with a rather small secondary at around 2-1/4”dia and 1000 turns AWG-26.


After scrolling through pages and pages of dreck, I found the schematic..

that's the old Ford Model T coil used as a HV supply. Those are quite a bit different from the standard car coil of today.

You could use an auto ignition coil driven from a suitable source (e.g. like a dimmer/coil scheme) to generate HV pulses.

The problem is that I'm not sure you could use that to feed a conventional tesla coil with primary L/C. I guess so. you'd have a spark gap from the ignition coil to the primary C and no gap between L and C. The voltage from the auto coil gets high enough to break down the gap, charging the C. The LC circuit then rings and transfers the energy to the secondary.

You'd have to look at the various pulse widths and frequencies to see if this would work. Car coils put out fairly long voltage pulses (the L is several millihenries).. I would think that the HV pulse from the car coil would be longer in duration than the cycle period of the TC (typically 5-10 microseconds, for 100-200 kHz resonant frequency).

But running the car coil pulse through a spark gap might "sharpen" it up.

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