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Re: [TCML] Small pole piggies for sale

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Hi all,

Just to update. If anyone is still interested, the small 70:1, 8400 volt oil-filled tank style PT that I have is still available. The 3 kVA rated, 7620 volt pig is sold. 

Fellow member Mike Strube made a day trip from St. Louis to Memphis to pick up his claimed prize yesterday (St. Patrick’s Day). While he was here, we had great time discussing high voltage and Tesla related stuff and he got the grand tour of my HV lab – ahem, 20x20 garage. Thank the Good Lord, the weather was very cooperative so that he was even able to hang around until dusk to witness the somewhat infamous Green Monster coil get rolled out in the driveway to do its thing ;^) A great sendoff for him for his return trip, indeed!

Happy Sparkin’ to Mike, and all,

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