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[TCML] multiple goofs

I have an oddity…..
I built 6 “mason jar” salt water caps.
I should be getting 9.x nF but in reality I’m only getting 7.4.
The “oddity” is I used salad oil as the insulator, in 4 jars the oil got cloudy, and in 2 it is still clear.
I mixed the salt in huge pot to ensure the salinity was equal with all the jars.

I tried firing it off this A.M. nothing…..

I’m using 2 15k 30ma NST’s.
A pair of leads goes to spark gap.  (no action)
Others go to primary and cap bank.
The primary is 2 x 20’ copper tube,  the ID is 7, the OD is 18… the inside height is 4.2” outside is 7”
The secondary is 1.5” PVC wrapped with 24Ga magnet wire (soldered in middle) and secondary height is 34 3/4”,  the primary is approx 1.5” above bottom of secondary winding.

I took a ground wire and placed it approx 2” away and nothing, not at the toroid, nor at the middle of the secondary.

I think the cap value is too small, and the secondary too tall.
It also appears that one of the NST’s might have a dead lead…I’m testing that now.

I’m also winding a new secondary using 3” PVC to rule out too weak a coupling.

So after your laughter, any tips would be appreciated.
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