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Re: [TCML] Tesla help?

Hello Harrison,

The link did not come through. Try providing the URL instead of using HTML in the message (which the Pupman List does not support)

Some guesses about why your coil may not be working:

Are you using a classic coil and core transformer-type NST? An electronic NST outputs high frequency AC which cannot directly charge your tank cap. NST's are typically fairly heavy, while electronic NST's are much lighter in weight.

Are you using an NST with a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI). Without defeating/removing the GFI module, the NST may fail to work, or only work intermittently in a Tesla Coil. Most folks either get a transformer-type NST without GFI, or they remove the GFI module.

Is your spark gap firing at all?

What are you using for a tank capacitor

Good luck and best wishes,


Harrison Benson wrote:
Hello,I am working on a senior project along with my father who is an
electrical engineer by building a tesla coil. We are following
instructions from the instructables website. We have everything
hooked up and wired, and yet it is not working. I would appreciate
any help or tips that you can give me. I have a link to a youtube
video of what I have so far here: Tesla Coil Not Working. My
hypothesis is that the capacitors may be doing something wrong, but I
am not sure. Thank you for your help.
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