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[TCML] Tesla Coil Equipment For Sale


I am clearing out some old projects, I have the following items for sale. All are for pickup only in Detroit, Michigan. All need some cleanup from being in storage for years. Please see the following link for pictures.


1. 10kva 14.4kv pole mount transformer $200.00

2. 125 or 150kv x ray transformer. Has had the rectifiers bypassed. Includes cables. $200.00

3. 4" Tesla coil primary, secondary and small top load. Needs cleanup, but is in good condition. Produced 6' white hot streamers. $300.00

4. Variac control board with contactor and filter. $100.00

5. MMC array. CD 942C caps. Only a few minutes of run time. $200.00

Please email any questions or offers to megajoule@xxxxxxxxxxx.


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