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[TCML] Advanced design of a vandegraaf generator for Tesla apparatus

My question is this in one of Tesla's designs there seems to be a machine
The so called death ray that uses
Charged tiny droplets of mercury
Shot out of a railgun that once they come in contact with the object
For destruction release their high voltage electric charge and since they
Contain high velocity they enter the object as well and destroy it from the
inside out.

This seems a reasonable design, but very very hard to practically implement
That requires government size research
Budgets to really develop it.

What strikes me however is that according to this design Tesla used
A kind of vandegraaf generator that
Was specially designed to use a certain
Gas instead of a belt as a conveyer
Of charge on the charged droplets of mercury....

Has anyone ever seen or heard from this kind of advanced vandegraaf

I personally do have a need for such a very high voltage D.C. Source,
It is completely different than the application that Tesla used it for...

Can one explain to me in detail
How such a machine would work and function...

In the vandegraaf pages I did read this kind of machine Is sometimes
mentioned as an advanced step,
But I could not find any thing on line at
All describing how one would build something like this or any amateur who
has done so.

Or did I somehow misunderstand or intrepid the way this was mend or

Please forgive me any language mistakes since English is not my native
speech, it is Dutch actually...

Ps: moderator I am sorry for stretching
Up the subject to this, it is however Tesla
As well as high voltage related...
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