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I have a contrarian friend who built a TC with a square primary and secondary, just to prove that it could be done. It does work, in a manner of speaking, but tends to arc from corners at the top of the secondary. I would say that the performance is less than what I would expect from the effort involved.

I'd guess that other shapes could be constructed, but I believe that concentric cylindrical primaries and secondaries are going to give the greatest spark length and intensity for a specific power input. The object of a TC is to couple energy from the primary into the secondary with maximum efficiency. Any other geometries will be less efficient than concentric cylindrical windings.

A few years ago, someone on the list discussed a system that used three smaller diameter secondaries wired in parallel in a triangular arrangement surrounded by a circular primary. It reputedly had reasonable performance but no dramatic advantages over a single secondary of conventional diameter were described.


On 11/27/2016 8:32 PM, jj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a question for the list. Does a Tesla coil have to be round? Can it be elongated or any other shape, as long as their are no sharp corners, ie. 2 feet wide, 4 feet long and 2 feet high, or "S"shaped or, or shaped like a pyramid as long as all the corners are rounded
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