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Re: [TCML] Tesla and alcubierre ?




Op za 26 nov. 2016 om 14:42 schreef Sietze van de Burgt <

> I also would like to ad that as far as I know the thing seems to work with
> D.C. Or pulsed D.C., however a Tesla coil using this would actually
> rapidley close
> And open such an effect in both directions, maybe just maybe this is
> possible...
> Maybe one can use such an contraption
> To indeed create a kind of warp bubbles.
> The question is and remains how can one detect such a thing ????
> Maybe once we invent and build a receiver we just might find or way to
> Receive intergalactic radio and discover
> That the universe itself already transmits this kind of signals.
> I wouldn't however expect any aliens or
> Things like that but just a kind of let's
> Call it warp music of the universe...
> So this actually involves a kind of radio
> Receiver hooked up to a very large capacitor that acts as antenna
> And a double donut shaped bipolar Tesla Coil as a transmitter.
> However I personally do think that the way this capacitor is build and the
> orientation do matter.
> It might be that the capacitor needs
> A kind of stacked plates that are not bend....
> This is even for me very far fledged
> But hey way not try it ?
> This might just be the wrong approach
> But if a capacitor consisting out of
> Two donut shaped rings might bend
> Space time who says the effect
> Might not also work in reverse...
> So a space time wrinkle effecting the charge I a capacitor ?
> I always thought this was a kind of
> To simple and to good to be treu,
> However since NASA seems to take
> It very seriously what not explore this?
> Personally I rather build the receiver than the transmitter since that part
> Seems to be less dangerous,
> Unless one needs an existing charge on the receiver capacitor..,.
> I would greatly appreciate any input on this...
> As always sorry for language errors...
> Op za 26 nov. 2016 om 11:59 schreef Sietze van de Burgt <
> s.van.de.burgt@xxxxxxxxx>
> As a recent development there have been reports of a design which is
> currently developed by NASA eagle works.
> That seems to accomplish the impossible by bending the fabric of space
> time itself, that is a practical implementation of the alcubierre warp
> drive.
> Without diving in theory it is sufficient to say that it involves very
> high voltage and two donut shaped capacitors, that do surprisingly enough
> resemble the top load of a Tesla Coil.
> Since Tesla himself stated that his apparatus could produce a kind of
> faster than light signal, I started wondering that with this advanced
> theory ( just google warp theory 101 and warp theory 102 NASA eagle works
> advanced propulsion labs ) this might be possible within the frame of
> einsteins theory of relativity...
> At least dr Harold "Sonny" White seems to think so...
> So could Tesla's work even contain a kind of well cal it a subspace radio ?
> Please do not ridicule me for bringing this up, just the theory makes this
> possible, of course there shall be no Tesla coil traveling faster than
> light flying of the test bench, but could it be that it is possible to use
> a Tesla coil with double donut shape toploads at opposing sides makes the
> fabric of space time itself vibrate and thus creates a kind of wrinkles in
> the space time fabric and since the space time continuum itself can travel
> faster than light according to alcubierre theory can it than be so that we
> do make a signal that could potentially travel faster than light.
> The only question that remains is how could one theoretically receive such
> a signal ?
> There have been some theory's that somehow gravity can have an effect on
> charges inside capacitors ?
> I am myself not trained enough in science and mathematics to check
> If this can be done, but it certainly
> Is a very interesting thought.
> Anyway I hope anyone with the knowledge to really understand and see
> through this theory can help make me understand how and why this could be
> theoretically done.
> I always love to read the things many
> Very intelligent people write on this list.
> I am sorry for any language mistakes
> Since English is not my native speech,
> That is Dutch actually.
> Please moderator: allow me to ask this one since this list is probably the
> only
> Resource of people who actually are intelligent enough either individually
> or as a whole to answer a question like this. And who also have enough
> hands on experience with high voltage to actually build a kind of test
> setup or to envision one that could theoretically do the trick..
> Thanks in advance for any answers...
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