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Re: [TCML] TESLA COIL EMI or RFIhome electrical system.

Hi Colin,

While I do agree that proper filtering can go a long way toward significantly reducing the ill-effects of RFI/EMI kickbacks of the tank circuit into the power supply feed, I still maintain that it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate this problem, at least within the budget constraints of the typical hobby level coiler. I do utilize each of the precautionary measures that you cite to address the back feed of RFI/EMI into my supply (the rest of the electric/electronic appliances in my home), I do still have some issues with the TV in the house getting some interference and the electronic start fluorescent lights going “haywire” when I run my big pole pig driven SG coil. I have found that distance seems to be my best friend in the fight against the back feed of RF into my home’s electrical system. The physically further that the coil is set up from my house when I fire it, the less of a problem the RF back feed seems to be.

I don’t have any personal experience with running my coil off of a generator, just the wall plug, so I can’t speak to the issue of RF problems with running it off of a generator..


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