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Re: [TCML] [tcbouklist] Cambridge Teslathon 2016 - Sun/Sat 29/30th October

Derek wrote:>> " This year we would like the event to make a big bang"
Ok Derek, that's your role in the weekend defined J
Phil Tuck
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Just a reminder Cambridge Teslathon is 6 weeks away.
Sun/Sat 29/30th October at the Cambridge Museum of Technology
If you are exhibiting this year and haven't let me know, please email me
If you are visiting, just turn up at the museum.
This year we would like the event to make a big bang. The Museum has won
their lottery funding so it is likely that this year will be the last one
in the Spackman building. The museum is very keen to continue hosting the
Teslathon but this will need to fit around their renovations and use other
locations on site.
Details, in case you don't know :-
This is an informal meeting of people interested in building High Voltage
tesla coils, multipliers, van de graaff's, wimshurst machines, violet ray
machines, ignition coils, and the opportunity to bring, test, experiment,
demonstrate and view any of the equipment that others have brought.
More details are available at
If you are interested in visiting, please just arrive up at the museum from
11:00 on the Saturday. Museum visitor charges will apply.
The event will finish at 15:00 on the Sunday, otherwise it will be open to
the usual museum entry times.
For exhibitors of larger coils earlier setup may be available, please
contact me.
If you would like to bring a Tesla coil or other HV or interesting piece of
electronic, mechanical or electrostatic machinery, Please contact me at


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