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I don’t know what sort of regulation generators of various scales use, but I have seen and experienced generators at two sizes (5kW and also 40kW large trailer industrial) exhibiting apparent high sensitivity to conducted EMI/RFI on the power supply conductor.

IOW: the analog meters showed voltage sag on the input when the coil started emitting,
but not necessarily from just pre-breakout loading of the primary cap.

 Situations in both cases were dramatically improved by using shielded power leads between the generator and power supply, and heavy duty LC pi network power lead filters. Shielding grounded at the generator end, isolated from the TC supply.

The power line (well, most people’s) has no such cares about noise - mine would, if I were capable of running my coil on my own property, because I now have TVSS’s on the breaker panel and meter base.

 I think it’s good sense to include massive power line filtration in the TC supply to protect - at least from conducted emissions - upstream things like refrigerators, consumer electronics, computers, etc. the share the same breaker panel.

 - G.

> On Sep 29, 2016, at 4:56 PM, Ronald Reeland <ronreeland@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just read David Rieben's comments about EMI and RFI feeding back into household wiring circuits. Is there any problem using a portable generator to power a Tesla coil?
> I have a generator rated 5000 watts running and 6000 watts peak or surge. But would like to be assured that EMI or RFI will not damage it. The generator is not an inverter type. And should the generator be connected to earth ground to bypass some of the EMI/RFI?  I do not normally ground the generator as that creates a shock hazard if a person somehow comes into contact with one of the generator "hot" lines and earth. An electrical tool (with no safety green ground wire) with a short to its metal case for instance.
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