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Re: [TCML] VTTC coupling

Hi Steve,

No you don't have to, but it would be a good ideal if you're willing to
spend some extra time to figure something out. It would give another
variable option for testing and tuning.

Yes, probably easier to adjust the secondary.

Just another thought, you may want to make this so it works both ways.
Believe it or not right now, but you may find yourself "raising" the
primary way past the bottom of the secondary during testing and tuning.
They are quite different from a spark gap type coil.

On a fairly recently completed coil I did with a T-200 tube, I have a
primary with spaced turns, up way past the bottom.

Give me a chance and let me upload some pictures later, and I will then
link them here. And I could give some numbers on it if interested.

Again, just some suggestions, you can do a lot of different things out of
the "norm". Some may never work, while others will work quite well. For me
part of the fun is the challenge to get them running the best I can, trying
all kinds of things.


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