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[TCML] NST Protection Circuit for a 15/135 NST

Hi I've just returned to the list after having been away for several
years.  I'm starting a new project and was hoping someone out there could
provide some advice or point me to a resource to answer my question.

My current coil is a static gap 15/60.  I'd like to replace the 15/60
transformer with one rated at 15/135.  My question is:  do I need to build
more robust Terry filter for this new transformer?  The existing Terry
filter is built to specs for a 15/60:  a safety gap, plus ON EACH LEG of
the NST:  8 1800v ZNR MOVs in series, 1 800pF 35,000v transmitting
capacitor, 1 ceramic wire wound resistor 1.0k ohm 100 W).

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you, Dennis
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