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[TCML] Low Power Coil Questions

Operation gif (breakout) - https://postimg.org/image/u8vnbn0el/
Operation gif - https://postimg.org/image/fkhxyauhp/
Spark Gap -  https://postimg.org/image/d1aaf2kj1/
Underneath -https://postimg.org/image/o6vbdklsh/

12kV 30mA NST
Salt Water Leyden Caps x 9(.007mF)
5 bolt (w/spherical brass nuts) spark gap
10g insulated wire @ 4.3 wraps/10" diameter primary
19g @ ~550 wraps/4"x21" secondary
12"x1.5" toroid
RF ground - 3x 3' Aluminum rods ~10' from coil

This is my first coil. I've been doing research for a few months now and
started tinkering on a failed exciter. It lit a CFL but was quite
dissapointing. But I didn't deter and tried Flybacks. That was a headache
and a half and finally found me a local NST. It is the only $ spent on the
coil aside from Aluminum Tape. Salvaged TV magnet wire etc. So I severely
limited what I could do. But I wanted more of a proof of concept. And after
months of research and fails, I got a start of a coil.... Many, many
revisions later I have this! I'm quite happy with it. And has sparked a
hobby that I can already tell might be borderline obsessive. But as I'm
planning a new one already...
Is this acceptable length spark for 360w?
Is there any small things I can do to improve its spark length (aside from
the obvious caps, secondary, etc)?
General criticism on setup and things to look at. Are my wires too long?
Solid vs Stranded? Minor details overlooked  by a novice.
There is so much conflicting thoughts on things such as secondary windings,
sec diameter, etc, when trying to design a coil idk what is what.
If I used the same NST and pulled no punches on the components what could I
be looking at? what about thoughts on windings? I was thinking 1600(26awg)
on 4". But then I found conflicting thoughts. I guess I'm looking for
thoughts. I've read 100s of pages on coils. And I have a fair grasp of it.
But with all things experimental different people have different ideas.
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