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[TCML] Strange Occurrence And Can't Google The Answer

So I had the strangest/scariest thing happen while tinkering with my coil
the other day. So I was fidgeting with a helical coil. I had the Primary
and Secondary too close and was shooting sparks from one to the other(First
Timer lol....). I had 12 gauge insulated wire running everything (12kv 30
ma nst). it's been just fine so far. But then before I could shut off my
power the craziest thing happened. A bright blue haze about 3" long ran
backwards, on the outside of the insulation from primary to cap to gap to
nst. it moved kinda slow. It made me think of a car  crash.  It all
happened so fast but seemed so slow. but this 3" of light traveled all the
way down all my wires and died at nst. the nst is still fine too boot. But
I can't find ANYTHING on what the hell happened. Any ideas?
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